Latest Offerings

  • UPDATE: Daily Prayer
    Join us on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, from 0730 to 0800 EDT for Morning Prayer led by Abbot Alison Hine. On Wednesdays, you are welcome to stay afterwards for conversation from 0800 to 0830 EDT. For more information on how to access via Zoom, contact Alison at [email protected] **** On Tuesday & Thursday from 0730 to 0800 EDT join us for Morning Prayer w/Rosary led by Monk Susan King and Sharon Kardia. For more information on how to join via Zoom, contact Susan at [email protected] **** Sunday evenings we gather from 2000 to 2030 EDT (8 pm to 8:30 pm EDT) for evening prayer/chapel, led by Postulant Nancy Ogilvie. For more information on how to join us via Zoom, contact Nancy at [email protected]
  • The Gospel of Philip, 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 1900 to 2100 EDT.
    The Gospel of Philip is a treasure trove of mystical wisdom. Lynn Bauman has been writing a commentary for the Gospel of Philip and has completed a first draft.  This gathering will be an opportunity to help “beta test” his writing and the accompanying images during  the editing of the text.  Together we will explore this dense, mysterious and sometimes inscrutable text through a collective circling inquiry practice called "midrash".  From past experience, we know there is a kind of cross-pollination among a group of contemplatives that brings forth wisdom and understanding that would otherwise not arise. You are invited to participate in this discovery. You can find more details on this opportunity including how to register, fees, and program format by clicking on "Learn More" below.
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  • UPDATE: Meditations on the Tarot Discussion Group, 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 0930-1030 EDT
    The study, based on Tomberg's "Meditations on the Tarot", continues this fall. Led by Priest Alice Despard and Dori Miller, we meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays from 0930 to 1030 EDT. For more details or to receive information on how to connect by Zoom for these sessions, please contact Alice at [email protected] or Dori at [email protected] Prior conversations on the Meditation on the Tarot discussion are available by clicking on "Learn More" below.
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  • NEW *** Gathering of Monks and Friends, Sunday, October 17, 1100 to 1400 CST
    A Zoom gathering of monks and friends to celebrate Holy Eucharist beginning at 11 am CST, hosted by the south-central Texas priory. This month we are led by Monk Donnie Hungerford and Michelle. Optional community conversation on an offered topic continues afterwards. Information on how to join as well as to receive the liturgy and conversation topic/questions can be obtained by contacting Diana at [email protected]
  • Divine Work - In the Shadows of the Egregore (A four weekend series)
    It is clear that we live in both exciting and dangerous times, mixed. We are surrounded by unprecedented opportunities almost unimagined but also by a spiraling and viral toxicity that encircles us in and through the public sphere. As much as we might wish to steer clear of it, we are nonetheless immersed in it. How do we live in this mixture darkening shadows and dappled light? More importantly how do we bring our gifts of service, action, care into the world of Interbeing? As contemplatives we are called to serve the Good, the True, and the Beautiful and to bring a transmission of Sapiential Wisdom into the world as our unique expression of the Divine Work—Theurgia. We are called to bring the loving light of Eternity into the world. The series will be led by Dr Lynn C Bauman (Abbot) and Abbot Alison Hine. Details on dates, registration, etc are linked below.
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  • Tarot Tuesdays, 1900 to 2100 CST (last Tuesday of the month)
    Group meets on the last Tuesday of each month and is led by Dr Lynn C Bauman. Each month, we delve into the sapiential Tarot with the intent of helping the seeker more deeply understand the Sephirot cards as they apply to the Tarot card spread. For details, please see the attached flyer. To join the evening via Zoom, use the following link (meeting room will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the seminar). Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 867 0897 2294 Pass code: 729086
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  • Looking for an opportunity to root into Wisdom?
    Check out our community offerings on the Resource page. Worship and community, Thomas studies and other opportunities to connect with seekers on the path. All remotely and via the internet!
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