Latest Offerings

  • NEW *** Gathering of Monks and Friends, Sunday, April 18
    A zoom gathering of monks and friends to celebrate Holy Eucharist beginning at 11 am CST, hosted by the south-central Texas priory. This month our worship is led by Abbots Ron and Karen Poidevin. Information on how to join will be emailed to all wishing to attend by Wednesday, April 14. To receive registration information, please email Diana at
  • NEW *** Phoenix Arising, a Weekend Seminar, April 23-25
    We are in a swirl of historical events, cloudy and storming. It is in just such a world that things begin to arise phoenix-like. Out of the fire a rose appears. Out of the clouds the mythical phoenix arises. This seems to be the way that leaps in evolution (and perhaps most importantly in spiritual evolution) occur. The prophetic traditions have, at the very least, alluded to this possibility (if not predicted) just such a change in the structure of the world and in the nature of human beings. All of this is difficult to discern when you are in the midst of it, but wisdom communities arise in these critical times not only for protection and sanctuary, but also for support and strength in these evolutionary moments of axial change. Join us for a weekend when we begin to identify with and support it together. Details as well as registration information are in the attached flyer.
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  • NEW *** Welcoming our newest Abbot, Priest and Postulants
    Consecrated, blessed, ordained and welcomed at the 2021 gathering, get to know our newest leadership and those on the path of inquiry.
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  • Annual School of Wisdom, May 30 to June 5
    Theurgia and the Thinning of the Veil will be the focus of this Wisdom School at the Order's retreat center in N Texas. You may participate either in-person or remotely via Zoom. The Wisdom School this year is designed to explore the possibilities of our praxis of theurgia—the gift of the the divine Spirit acting, working and speaking through us as an aperture of transcendence into this world to create and enhance Interbeing. We do not know exactly all that this may mean for us, but we will be in praxis, putting into practice what is arising in our hearts and minds. On-campus registration is limited. More details are in the attached flyer.
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  • Looking for an opportunity to root into Wisdom?
    Check out our community offerings on the Resource page. Worship and community, Thomas studies and other opportunities to connect with seekers on the path. All remotely and via the internet!
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