Latest Offerings

  • *** NEW **** Real Time Thomas Group - starts in September!
    Interested in digging into the Gospel of Thomas with others on the path of wonder and discovery? A new group forms this September…all you need to join is a computer with wifi, a camera, a mic and access to Google Hangouts. Oh, and a copy of the Gospel of course. Group meets the 1st and 3rd Fridays, 10-12 noon EST and you can join in when your schedule permits. For more info or to sign up contact Alice at
  • Jewish Mysticism and the Kabbalah, Oct 26 & 27, Nov 16 & 17, 2018
    Join us this fall in south central Texas as we gather with Dr Lynn C Bauman to unpack this topic, foundational to our understanding of Jeshua's person and teachings. Even if you missed us in September, it is not too late to join the upcoming sessions. Join us Oct 26 & 27 @ the home of Ron and Karen in Boerne, TX, and on Nov 16 & 17 @ Eye of the Dog Art Center, San Marcos, Texas. Details on registration are in the attached file. Newcomers will be sent a link to the audio recording and handouts from the first seminar upon receipt of deposit.
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  • Spirituality From the Ground UP! Oct 19 & 20, 2018
    Join Dr Jeff Edgier at the "Small House" in Ann Arbor, Michigan as we delve into how the ancient Hebraic wisdom stream can transform every daily life into LIFE. The weekend seminar fee is $40 (sliding scale). For more information consult the attached flyer or contact Alison at
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  • Sacred Paths, Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2018
    Join Dr Lynn C Bauman at the Small House in Ann Arbor, Michigan as we discover our individual sacred path to wholeness. Sacred tradition insists that we are each on a spiritual path. What we do not fully understand is that there is not one single path, but multiple paths that conform to our uniqueness. Along the vertical axis there are three paths: the path of sacred action, the path of devotion, and the path of reflection. Along the horizontal axis there are four paths: the way of the warrior, the way of the teacher, the way of healer and the way of the visionary. During this weekend, we will explore these including relevant practices, teachings, and the examples of those who have walked these paths before us. The weekend fee is $125. For more information consult the attached flyer or contact Alison at
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  • Save the Dates for the 2019 Annual Gathering
    Mark you calendar for March 7-10, 2019....we hope you will join us at the Oblate Renewal Center in San Antonio, Texas. More info will be provided early in 2019, but save the dates in the meantime.