Teaching MaterialsTheurgia and the Thinning of the Veil

Doorways are being opened. The veil is thinning. Things have been stripped bare. Now, in this moment we cannot go back to sleep. We must move forward through the open doorway and begin our praxis of theurgia—the gift of the divine Spirit acting, working and speaking through us as an aperture of transcendence into this world to create and enhance InterbeingWe do not know exactly all that this may mean for us, but it is certainly new. We are experimenting. We are in praxis.

This Wisdom School was offered in June 2021 by Abbots Lynn and Alison assisted by Monk Sally.  Recording and documentation has been provided by John Goldsmith.

To download the audio/video files from the week, go to the link and in the pdf file click on the link to download all notes, audio and video files.